The Week in Review

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And now… links I loved from around the web this week.

Genevieve Gorder has a new website and a newly completed house renovation project. Check out the pics here. If you scroll down the page you will see a green bathroom cabinet. You may notice the handles on this green cabinet. “Hey! I’ve seen those before”, you might say. Yes, I am the trend setter. You saw those knobs from Anthropologie in my entryway makeover first. It’s not that I need validation, but…

A month long flower school in England. Why do they always get the best stuff (Kate and Will, tea time…)?

An easy way to DIY a gallery wall of paintings using your old pictures and a new app that turns them into watercolored paintings. Love this.

Need a larger art piece? Try this tutorial using the photo of your choice to make a large black and white wall hanging.

If you feel like expressing your artistic side, here is a great tutorial on how to paint watercolor leaves. So beautiful.

This house tour is pretty amazing.

A tour of Kristen Dunst’s penthouse. The views!

Design Love Fest is doing a series with FREE desktop wallpaper downloads. So fun to change up your workspace once in a while. This is the latest, but this is my favorite.

One blogger’s take on what it’s like to write and post pictures of her own home on the internet.

A bunch of really creative recipes this week. Things that I’ve never heard of, actually. Like Pumpkin Chocolate Bourbon Drop CookiesMarzipan ChallahBangkok Peanut Ice Cream.

Something I have heard of? BBQ Chicken French Breads.

That’s all for now, hope you’re having a great weekend!




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