The Week in Review

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I’m trying a new thing where I share my favorite posts from around the web this week.

Let’s dive in!

If you feel like doing a little diy today, Love Grows Wild has a short tutorial on how to make a chalkboard sign from one of those pre-cut tree stump sections you can get at the craft store. I can totally see one of these mixed into a gallery wall.

Itching to make small changes to you house? Emily A. Clark has 3 easy decorating ideas that take less that 5 minutes.

Have some extra fabric? Try using it to decoupage a desk chair.

Speaking of diy, this kitchen transformation shows how paint can change everything. amazing. stunning.

Eye Candy? This kitchen is kind of other worldly. Copper is trending so strong.

I totally want to make this Brown Sugar Cinnamon Loaf. Perfection.

Or how about French Breakfast Puffs With Cinnamon Sugar? I think I’m into cinnamon today.

Fill your house with the smells of Fall using this simple mulled wine recipe.

Not feeling Autumn yet? How about a Maple Thyme Sour. So pretty.

An interesting interview with a doctor on her day to day: True Story: I’m a Doctor.

Don’t feel like reading? A video interview and office tour with Diane von Furstenberg. So chic. That carpet!

Are you a blogger struggling to get your whirlwind of ideas into writing? Media Marmalade has a helpful how-to guide for you. This girl works full time and blogs everyday. To say that she’s into being organized is an understatement. Her photos are stunning as well (the featured image is one of hers).

Enjoy and see you next week.



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