Ombre Curtain Trend

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Have you noticed the ombre trend is really picking up strongly? I’ve loved ombre since I was a little girl. One of my favorite picture books was a story about a little girl that was forced to wear plain white dresses every day. She always got them dirty because she loved playing in the grass and eating strawberry ice cream. In the end her nanny dyed her dresses in beautiful colors to match her favorite things.

This would be the strawberry ice cream dress…

So, I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to add some color into my living room/family room/dining room space. I do like neutrals, but when we first moved in, I was so afraid of using a color or a pattern that every single thing we bought ended up being beige, brown, or cream. No more.

Orange? I love the pop and the energy.

DIY Ombre Curtains

Source Unknown

Pink is so fresh and feminine. For a little girl’s room, wouldn’t ombre pink drapes with a floral border be amazing? Ugh! I don’t think the boyfriend would appreciate it in our house though.

Ombre Curtain Trend

Source Unknown

Blue seems calming and watery. Very beach house. The pictures above were actually the first time I saw ombre curtains. I think I read that the designer did the dye job herself.

This would be a really do able DIY too. And inexpensive. Ikea sells a pair of solid cotton curtains for around $19.99. Here is a pretty detailed instructional guide to ombre. Here is another one.

You can also buy them from Etsy. So beautiful, but they are a little pricey. I love these.

What do you think of this trend?



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