Picture Lights In The Bathroom

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Bathroom lighting has always been a bit “meh” to me. Do you know what I mean? Those bar lights with frosted glass covers just don’t get my pulse racing. And, dimmer switches never seem to be installed in bathrooms. Isn’t the bathroom the one place where you would actually want the light to be a little bit softer!?

For some reason, design just seems to go out the window in favor of function in bathrooms. Is it because of the water? The humidity? Are bathrooms actually magical realms where stylish, attractive lighting won’t work? Or do designers not like designing lighting for bathrooms because of what goes on in there?

When we were in the demo phase of our little bathroom makeover, we took out the old Hollywood makeup mirror bar light (similar to this one), but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to replace it with. So we put an electrical socket there instead.

Picture Lights in the Bathroom startwithfourwalls.com

And so, it’s sat like that, sad, mirrorless, lightless, for months.

Then, one day I was pursuing Pinterest and I saw picture lights above mirrors in bathrooms. (I heart you so hard Pinterest. So hard.).

At first it kind of sounds weird, right? Picture lights, in bathrooms!? But I was sold from the first instant I saw it.

The sleek light perfectly captures my favorite design styles, sleek and traditional with modern elements, and a dash of whimsy and glamour.

So unexpected and they work perfectly in either masculine or feminine spaces.

I’m considering this one or this one from Lamps Plus. This one from Restoration Hardware is beautiful, and the perfect size, but the price is a bit high.

What do you think? Would you ever consider using non-bathroom lighting in the bathroom?



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