Trending: Botanical Charts

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I know botanical charts have been trending for a little while now. But, for the longest time I could only rarely find them online, and when I did locate one, it was absurdly expensive. Thankfully, now they are starting to become available at lower price points.

Holly Mathis recently revamped her study using a botanical chart from Ikea, which I don’t think is available anymore. (The cheetah print pillows with the grey wood planking = perfection).

I love the contrast of the large scale black art with stark white walls from a recent issue of Domino. I also like that she pulled the flowers from the artwork into the room by using floral throw pillows.

Aren’t they also romantic in a way. Can’t you just picture the heroine in a novel walking out to her greenhouse on a stormy afternoon, contemplating the horrible thing that just happened to her? The weather matched her mood as she strolled in through the large glass doors of the structure that had been in her family for generations. She glanced around at the beautiful blooming plants that defied the weather on the other side of the glass, and spied the botanical charts that had been her grandmother’s. The look of the floral anatomy on the weathered paper comforted her. Orange blossoms had always been her favorite flower. At least the orange trees would be in bloom again soon. She could almost smell them now…

Trending: Botanical Charts

Source? If you know it, let me know and I’ll add it.

These charts compliment so many design styles. So even if your style changes throughout the years, you’ll still be able to find a spot for one of these beauties amongst your new decor. This one is one of my favorites. Ugh. I think my eyes turn into hearts when I see it.

Sources for Botanical Charts

Etsy has a ton of botanical charts available for various prices.

Empirical Style has a nice selection of charts for around $150.

Burke Decor carries an assortment for around $225.

The Evolution Store sells them for about $200.

If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty with a little DIY project, K Sarah Designs has a tutorial that would cost you around $10. Pretty genius.

What do you think of the botanical chart making a comeback?



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