Modern Master Bedroom Inspiration

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One of my friends is redoing her master bedroom and asked if I would help her out with some ideas. She loves modern design that’s also warm, as well as the look of traditional and modern design elements mixed. If you are wondering what modern design is, Kerrie Kelly wrote a good article about it on Houzz.

If you want the short version, think Mad Men style interiors.

I have to admit that I am not a love junkie of modern design. But, I do have a modern style couch that was my grandmother’s. She fell in love with it instantly and was able to get if for an bargain price because part of it had been damaged in a fire. My grandmother had amazing taste, amazing. Her house was impeccably designed and military grade clean at all times. So the fact that she loved that couch makes me wonder what else there is to know about modern design elements. Maybe I’ll become a convert…

And now, some inspiration pics.

This one is a mix of traditional and modern. Love the mood of the room. Love the black walls with white artwork. Love the marble based lamps.


A neutral room with simple but stylish elements. I like the clean design, which I find soothing in a bedroom. I don’t like bedrooms that are cluttered with knick knacks; it makes me nervous.


More modern/traditional mash-up. Love this one A LOT. The desk, the books, the linens, the lamps… (I can’t find a source for this one, if you know it, let me know and I’ll add the credit).

Modern Bedroom Inspiration


A more casual view of modern.


This room is pretty much 80% traditional and 20% modern. But, surprisingly, the modern tufted leather bench at the foot of the bed looks totally at home in the traditional mix.


I kind of love all the warm wood tones in this house. I think this room is the closest to the definition of “modern” out of all of the options.

I never think of modern design as being this warm. I usually think of stark and cold for some reason. I don’t know why. Anyway, what’s your take on modern? It seems like people usually love it or hate it.


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