Hardware Heaven: Nest Studio

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I bought the Ikea Hemnes shoe storage cabinet last week in a final push to complete a small entryway makeover. The cabinet is installed and looks much better than the shoe rack that was there earlier (pictures in a following post), but the knobs leave something to be desired.

They are small, round, and some kind of dark metal.

In my search for some kind of cool/designery/fresh knobs to replace them:

I went to Lowes, they had some okay options…

I went to OSH, not the best selection…

So, I come home, go online, and find “the one”…

Then I notice that they are a billion dollars.

Just kidding.

They’re only $75 a piece!!

Does that intro make it seem less expensive? No, it doesn’t for me either.

If I only needed 1 or 2 pieces I think I would go for it, but I need 4. And I just can’t justify that expense on hardware at this point. Someday I’ll get a few pieces. How could I not? It’s like they reached inside my brain, and distilled my wishes, hopes, and dreams into hardware. Yes, I love it that much.

But I thought I would share the source with you in case you are looking for a little furniture jewelry. Nest Studio has AMAZING hardware options that are so on trend right now. They are just gorgeous. If you are able to save some money by hunting down a piece of furniture at Goodwill or a consignment shop, and you only need a couple of drawer pulls, these would totally add a custom vibe to your furniture. Even though they are expensive, you would still come in under the cost of buying a brand new piece.

Also, I read somewhere that the expensive items in your home should be the things that touch your skin. This argues for expensive sheets (and cabinet hardware) and less expensive drapes.

Some of their pieces in action…

What do you think? Are you in love? What’s your favorite hardware source?


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