More DIY Art Ideas

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As a follow up to my post yesterday, I wanted to share a few more ideas for paining any sized canvas you want to add to your space.

I love this one.


It would be an easy DIY too, no artistic skills needed. You might want to roughly sketch the donut out on the canvas with a pencil first so you have a guideline. Then, just paint the canvas white and get some gold metallic craft paint from Joann’s, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. I think Home Depot also sells metallic paint in the Martha Stewart Line. Easy but chic.

Keeping with the modern track, something like this would be a striking addition to any room.

For this kind of a painting, you could try to plan out where you are going to place your brush strokes or sketch on the canvas beforehand. But, what works for me is to conjure up the feeling that I want the paining to evoke and then just go for it. Paint what I feel. This one might take some practice, or you might nail it on the first try. If you don’t like how the canvas looks, you can just paint over it and try it again (wait for the first round of paint to dry first). For a calmer look, you could use a more washed out color for the paint strokes, for more drama, pick a color that is darker or bolder.

Or, to channel an impressionist (think Monet), you could try something like this.

This one is so fun and happy but still chic. And I love how the artist styled the bar cart. She explains a little bit about her process for creating the canvas over on her blog.

This next one is a very bold and graphic look.

To replicate this look, pick out a couple of colors from your design scheme, and buy some sample paint tubs in those colors. Having a hard time choosing? Here is a list of the feelings and meanings behind many popular colors. Once you have your paint, tape off the canvas at the level where you want the larger rectangle of color to stop. Paint that color above the taped line, then wait for the paint to dry. When it’s completely dry, carefully remove the tape and place new tape just above the height of where you paint the smaller rectangle of color. When that’s dry, remove the tape and you’re done.

You could also do a softer version of what I did, with a more blended transition from one color to another.

I honestly wish I would have done the gold metallic circle/donut and then created a black frame out of 1×2 boards. That would have been so chic. I might do a little DIY revision in the future… Note to self; do research first, then paint.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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