Mental Vacation: Design Crush

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This week, I have been completely smitten with blog posts from a handful of very talented women.


1) Nicole Cohen from the blog Sketch 42 released updated pictures of her apartment this week. They transformed my view on home design. While I truly believe that anyone can create a fashionable, comfortable, and cozy home they adore, Nicole takes this to another level. Her home truly looks like a designer worked on it from start to finish. Sometimes I doubt myself, and fluctuate between thinking my decor is getting to where I want it to be and thinking I need to throw everything away and start over again. She validates my hope that the outcome of all the little decisions is a home that is beautiful beyond expectations.


2) I love the aesthetic of this March Moodboard post by coco+kelly. It feels very Morocco (I’ve never been there, but I saw it on the Real Housewives of New York a couple seasons ago. Don’t judge me.)


3) Have you visited One Kings Lane lately? They are a website that offers flash sales on chic home decor and bedding. Sometimes they have jewelry and beautiful books on decor and cooking as well. It’s fun to see how they style the products in their photos, and It’s an interesting website for a weekend browse. (P.S. They have a clearance sale on Sundays. You’re welcome.)

4) In case you get hungry while you are shopping, here is a recipe for Beer Glazed Citrus Chicken from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. I’ve wanted to make this for the past two weeks. I hope I get a chance to make it this weekend. Doesn’t it look amazing?! Speaking of things worth checking out this weekend, Jessica’s blog posts are hilarious and her photography is stunning.

Hope you enjoy!




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