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Well, hello there!

This week has been a pretty exciting one in the blog world. Have you heard of the One Room Challenge? Basically, 20 designers/bloggers are challenged to design one room in 6 weeks. 6 W-E-E-K-S!!!!!???? That’s crazy.

It takes me six weeks to decide on a pillow.

Six weeks to make a Pinterest inspiration board to decide what I want to do with a room. Crazy.

Anyway, it’s truly amazing what these designers came up with. You have to go take a second and get cozy so you can enjoy yourself while browsing the rooms. Here are my favorites…


Jessie Miller from The Design Daredevil did an absolutely amazing/stunning/breathtaking job on this room. Ugh, I love it so much I vacillate between admiration and extreme jealousy that I can’t live in a room like this right this second. She took and ordinary “blah” room and turned it into a high end design dream. I can’t. I just can’t.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Waiting on Martha was revamping her office as part of the challenge, and she came up with some amazing results as well.

I’ve always loved that light fixture, and the sconces with the wallpaper are just perfection. Oh! AND she lined her new drapes with orange velvet! Gah! Love it so much. She is so talented.

Anyway, this is just a taste of the wonderfulness that awaits you. Here is a link to the list of the participant’s rooms.

ALSO, one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Merchant of How Sweet It Is, is having a baby! So her blogger friends threw her a surprise *virtual* baby shower. How sweet is that?! The theme was “trashed up food”, so there are tons of crazy decadent recipes like grilled cheese pizza and loaded junk food brownies. A complete list of links of this amazingly creative food is over on Jessica’s blog.

Oh, here’s some advice about your career and life from Diane von Fursenberg. She knows a few things…

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!



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