The Week In Review

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A couple things from this week…

I found this jewelry collection while I was stumbling through Instagram the other day. I kind of love the bracelets, and she (the owner?) stacks tons of them on her arm. I love the look. The website’s a little hard to navigate though.

The Week In Review

H. M. Willow


One of those run down sheds in someone’s backyard gets a pretty incredible makeover.

An old church is made into a beautiful house (featured image).

How to take care of your leather shoes.

Some tips on shopping the thrift store and how to disguise ugly kitchen cabinets.

The portfolio of one amazing designer.

Dirt cup cocktail with vodka infused gummy worms. Yep, it’s a thing.

Sprouts, short ribs, and caramelized shallot pizza. So. Good.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!



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