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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Taking down the Christmas decorations always seems to be sad and refreshing at the same time. Everything seems cleaner, fresher, but also a bit stark. It makes me want to re-work some spaces and warm some things up.

Well, I’m pretty new to the Instagram game, but I’m totally smitten. I feel like it’s cheating to get such amazing photos in my daily stream. Shouldn’t we be paying for this? So, when I need interior inspiration, I’ve been turning more and more to my Instagram feed. You can instantly tap into the work of talented designers and bloggers to find ideas for any project.

Here is a small sampling of the people I love following on Instagram.

Interior Designers

1) Sita Montgomery Interiors

Sita’s work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I love her choice of color palettes and the way she mixes patterns while still keeping the feel of her rooms calm and soothing.

2) Owens and Davis Interior Design

An amazing design team that chooses lovely wallpaper and lighting combinations.

3) Bliss at Home

I just love how Kristin styles her spaces. She makes it look easy…

I also love browsing the interiors of Liz Marie Galvan and Jen Migonis.

4) Linda Lomelino

Linda makes food, flowers, and other everyday items look magical and ethereal.

5) Paris in Four Months

You won’t believe how dreamy her life looks. I live vicariously through her photo gallery.

6) Lady Slider

A surfer that lives in Hawaii. The stuff of dreams…

These are my favorites right now, who do follow for inspiration on social media?

Looking forward to spending the next year with you…



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