Favorite Things: February

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Hello Beautiful!

I thought I would start compiling a list of things I loved at the end of each month. I know tons of people out there already do this. Add my name to the list. It’s a really good exercise that helps you focus on the positive things in your life, no matter how little. It makes it more fun if you sing the song Favorite Things from The Sound of Music while you’re reading.

1) This butter. I got it from Whole Foods, but from their website, it looks like you can place an order directly with the dairy. It is the best butter I have ever bought from a store and I’ve bought quite a few different kinds. It’s a little pricey, so I don’t cook with it, I only use it on baked potatoes or whatever else you want to put butter on. When you take it out of the fridge, it’s not hard like butter usually is, it gently yields to the knife and cuts as smooth as silk. Death from love.

2) I watched the movie Austenland this week and thought it was pretty cute, sweet, and romantic. There hasn’t been a really good girl movie in a really long time. Everything is always cowboys fighting aliens or storm troopers fighting dinosaurs. Enough already.

3) You know I did a post about coconut oil, but that has kind of served as a gateway oil for me. Since then I have started using Argon oil on my face and hands. I was getting really frustrated with my current lotion because it wasn’t getting the job done. The skin under my cheeks was getting hard, like a mask, and the backs of my hands were super crepey. I remembered that I had a small bottle of Argon oil in a drawer that someone had given me as a Christmas present years ago. I would have taken a before photo but I didn’t really think it would work. It did. Since then I’ve started using it every day. I’ve also started using Weleda Rose oil after I get out of the shower instead of lotion. It smells nice and is really moisturizing. I finally don’t feel like I want to rip the skin off my body because it’s just. so. itchy. At first I thought I was going a little oil crazy, but then I found out that women have been using different kinds of oils for centuries. What’s old is new again, huh?

4) This chocolate from Whole Foods is so rich. I can’t believe I’ve not discovered it before. It’s in the cheese section, maybe that’s why. I’m not sure if you are supposed to eat it with cheese, I eat them straight. Wonderful. (Sorry for the iphone pic).

Favorite Things - startwithfourwalls.com

5) My favorite Pin this month was this one of Grace Kelly. I’m still trying to figure out why I am so obsessed with it. The picture is blurry, she’s not wearing makeup, her hair is not done, and she’s just wearing a regular bathing suit. There is no luxuriously beautiful scenery in the background. It’s just her. I think it feels like her spirit is really beaming through her face. A flash of her true, most beautiful self shining through the lens to touch us decades later. I think we all have that spirit within us, but we bury it for some reason or another.

Favorite Things - startwithfourwalls.com

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6) Finally, I’m pretty sure my favorite quote this month speaks for itself.

Did you stumble upon anything that you are loving this month? Tell me!



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