Saying Goodbye: Dutch Touch Art

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I was first stunned by the surreal beauty of a Dutch Touch Art piece during an episode of Million Dollar Decorators. I think it was a shot of Nathan Turner’s shop in LA. He had hung two massive floral prints over a couch and it looked absolutely stunning. I immediately went online to try to find out where they were from, and that’s when I found Dutch Touch Art Company. They had a couple flash sales on One King’s Lane a while ago and I put a painting in my cart (it’s a disease I tell you), but unfortunately for me, I never actually purchased it. I went back to the website the other day to take a browse, and I was so very sad to find out they were closed.


They had so many different styles of paintings, from still life and florals to various animals and skeletons. The way their artists captured the light transported you to another world. Although the subjects were mainly very traditional, the large scale and sharp color somehow made the pieces work in contemporary settings.

From their website, “Our paintings are a mixture of original and reproduction paintings, ranging from Art Nouveau to Classical Creations. All our products are of the highest quality, created on canvas with oil paint.” 





From the One King’s Lane sale, “The Dutch Touch Art Company creates exceptional hand-painted oils based on works from the gilded age of classic European art. They are brought to life by a guild of highly skilled contemporary painters, who use high-quality archival paint, layering hundreds of brushstrokes per canvas with careful attention to texture, detail and lighting.”


I am not a cactus person, but the green paired with the black background and the pops of yellow is such a beautiful combination. An absolute lesson in the art of how to expertly work accent color.

Barbara von Schreiber, who was one of the people that ran the US arm of the company, was quoted as saying, “Our portraits convey the magic of a lost time, while our original paintings capture the spirit of the Old Masters in contemporary compositions and tones.” (source)


That elephant painting! It gives me the feel of African safari meets West Indies style. A classic element in a bold room.

Both of the cacti pieces as well as the elephant pictured above are still available from the Dutch Touch Website. It looks like the branch in the Netherlands is still open as well. Here is a link to that website.

Goodbye Dutch Touch. Your work will be missed, and I’m sorry to see you go…



Last image via Interior Designer Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design Interiors, Inc. All other images via One King’s Lane

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