Dreaming of a Flocked Christmas

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My Grandmother was the most stylish person I’ve ever met. Her taste level was out of this world. She was the trendsetter of the family, and I’ve never seen a house in person that was as pulled together and perfect as hers was.

Just as an example, bar carts are all the rage now, right? Everyone and their mother is doing posts about how to style a bar cart. She had the most gorgeous gold and glass bar cart from the time I was in High School. She was amazing.

Anyway, another thing she always had was a flocked Christmas tree. Even when it wasn’t popular or the trendy thing to do. She didn’t give a fig about trends. She liked it, and she was going to have it. I wish I had taken pictures of it. I only have a couple of blurry detail pics that I took with my cell phone during the last Christmas she was with us. If I had known, I would have filled up memory cards with every angle of that beautiful tree.

Flocked Christmas Tree startwithfourwalls.com

I think all her daughters have a flocked trees now. I should do a tree tour of them for you. But until then, here are some amazing flocked trees from around the web.

They just feel so magical and fanciful. Kind of like they were somehow transported to your house straight from the forest in Narnia.

Just a light dusting of snow clinging to their branches after a storm. They also seem to need fewer ornaments because they already look so enchanting.

Also, frosted look on sprays and wreaths? Yes.

What do you think about the flocked look? Are you loving it?

Or do you prefer the natural greenery?



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