A Watery Calm: The Chicest Nursery

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Everyone feels more relaxed with their toes in the sand, gazing out along the horizon as the golden sunlight bounces off the glimmering turquoise ocean, right? Well, at least everyone in my family does. My little sister, who is also a contributor to this blog, is currently pregnant, and as my gift to her, I offered to design the little bean’s nursery. To my surprise, she bravely and enthusiastically accepted, and I have been hunting down the perfect ocean/beach getaway inspired pieces for the nursery ever since. But, lets go back to the beginning…

When I offered to create a retreat for my little nephew, she had already chosen a handful of items for her registry at Pottery Barn Kids, which included the Jackson bedding set:

Jackson Nursery Bedding


It was cute and nautical/oceanic, and very much in her own design aesthetic which is super traditional, classic and tailored. These are totally pieces she would wear:


Preppy Nautical Look





Nautical Outfit (Navy, Yellow, Denim)

I knew I didn’t want to be too literal with the theme. Her exact words were, “I don’t want a theme”. So that ruled out any sailboats or oars on the walls. I also wanted to make sure that the room would transition easily from a baby’s room to a toddler’s room when the little bean was old enough. I didn’t want her to make the investment in the room, only to have to pack up most of the furniture and accessories in less than two years. So I hit up google and pinterest to find inspiration pics that were in the color palate and theme (eek, sorry sis) feel of my design plan. These are my loves, which are surprisingly, not from other nursery pictures.

I love that the room is obviously for an adult, but retains its sense of fun and whimsy by combining nautical (anchor pillow), beach (color scheme), and Chinoise (those lamps!!) elements. The combination keeps the room from looking too “themey”.


Nautical Bedroom

This room is so sophisticated but still cozy, despite the bold color choices.

Chic navy and red

I want the space to feel calm, quiet, and modern, like this:

Navy and White bedroom

But with a dash of the comfort and coziness of traditional nursery decor like this:

So, these are the ideas bouncing around in my mind so far. I just want to create a chic, calming, bold, cozy, yet transitionable nursery. No problem…right? Right? Anyone? Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

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