Elements of a Cozy Winter Room

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As soon as the winds of Fall start gusting, I start longing for more cozy spaces to lounge in. While I don’t have specific rooms that I use more in the winter than the summer (eh ehm Downton Abbey), I do love adding a few decor items to make my spaces feel warmer and more welcoming.

Jewel Tones

During the summer we all want our interiors to feel light and airy to counter the heat of the outdoors, creating our own tropical oasis. But in the winter we want to create an oasis of a different type, one that embraces us while providing comfort and nourishment against the stark conditions outside. The first element I like to add to “increase the cozy” is rich, jewel toned color.

Elements of a cozy winter room - startwithfourwalls.com

By Lilly Bunn Interiors Via

I absolutely love the rich emerald tone of the couch! The rich jewel tones of the books and the accent chair just add to the fun. The contrast of the textures of the velvet sofa and the shaggy rug keeps the design interesting.

Aerin Lauder used deep rich tones in one of her sitting rooms and the effect is almost cocoon like.

Faux Fur

Faux fur throws and pillows also bring a sumptuous texture and warmth which makes any room instantly more cozy.

Elements of a cozy winter room - startwithfourwalls.com

Pictures by Nicole Cohen Via her blog Sketch 42

Even a neutral (black/grey) colored background can be slightly enlivened with the addition of a faux fur throw.

Elements of a Cozy Winter Room - startwithfourwalls.com

Interior Design by Jeff Andrews, Photography by Grey Crawford Via


Notice how the blankets in the images above are casually arranged over their respective perches. They are not precisely folded or placed. There is an element of relaxation in a cozy space, a wink that says “Come and relax for a while.”


Candles have an amazing relaxing effect on almost everyone I know. Their dancing flame softens both the light and the atmosphere of a room. Design flaws are masked in the flickering light and calm seems to invade every design element in the room. You can even get them with automatic timers so that they switch on before just before you come home, welcoming you as you walk in the door.

In a beautiful lantern, even better…

While it’s obvious that the pictures above are from special events, there is no reason to wait to cherish yourself and your home by bathing it in warm and comforting light.


Speaking of light, lighting dimmers can have the same effect as candlelight in a room, creating a warmth that welcomes.

cozy winter cabin

Photo by Janet Kimber; Source: House & Home October 2011 issue

I love the shadows and warmth that the dim light creates, even in spaces that use lighter colors in the design scheme.

Do you feel more comfortable with certain decor items during the cold winter months? Anything you like to add to make your home more welcoming? Please share!



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