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Have you ever decided to try out an “all natural” or “organic” self care product only to open the cap and find out that your own B.O. actually smells better than the product you are about to put on?

Or, when you open the package, it smells great, so you use the product, and by 10:00 a.m. your mouth smells like a small animal actually died in the back of your throat and you can taste the carcass disintegrating every time you swallow? (totally gross, but I can’t think of another way to describe it that captures that feeling)

It can be hit and miss with these products, and most of them are not cheap, making it easy to give up and go back to your tried and true routine. But no, we will soldier on for the sake of health and wellness. Many of the mainstream products actually contain harmful chemicals, and some even contain known carcinogens. Even products labeled organic or natural can still contain harmful ingredients and are not regulated by the FDA. For more information on cosmetic safety and for a ranked list of the toxicity in cosmetic products visit the Environmental Working Group’s website.

Below are some of the self-care and beauty products that I use daily because they work, and have the safest or minimal number of ingredients that I can find.

Without further ado, here is my list…

1) Inika Foundation

I have very sensitive facial skin, and many foundations I have used are great when I first put them on. Then after a few minutes my skin starts to scream at me (red and irritated). I usually would just ignore the feeling and wash it off after the day was over, but sometimes I would have to run to the sink or shower and douse myself with water to get the makeup off. I also found that in order for the makeup to stay on the entire day I would have to apply more than just the foundation. Lotion, a primer, the liquid foundation, then a powder, were all part of the routine (more products = more chemicals). In an attempt to cut most of the chemicals out of my life a couple years ago, I started looking for chemical free makeup, and this one by Inika is amazing. I usually just use the Mineral Foundation Powder, but sometimes, for a bit of extra coverage, I will add a layer of the Liquid Mineral Foundation under the powder. This is one of the only makeup products that doesn’t irritate my skin, and provides a medium weight coverage you can build to a bit heavier coverage by using a foundation brush.

2) Dr. Bronners Castille Soap

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This soap is amazing, and it’s pretty inexpensive. You can use it for almost any cleaning task and it doesn’t dry out your skin. I’ve used it as body wash, shaving gel, face wash, and hand soap. According to their website, it can also be your toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning/laundry soap and as a fruit and veggie wash (!). I could never go back to hand soap after using this, it’s the best.

3) Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

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This is the only natural ingredient toothpaste that makes my mouth feel fresh and clean for hours. I use the one without fluoride, as it has been found to negatively impact thyroid function and my thyroid is a bit sluggish as it is.

4) Rahua Shampoo

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This is the most amazing, luxurious, amber liquid gold of a shampoo, and the conditioner is wonderful as well. I got it for a Christmas present last year and it was absolute luxury when I was using it. My hair felt soft and looked very healthy and shiny. Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive shampoos I’ve come across at $32 per bottle, so it’s a special occasion type of indulgence (and I’m honestly not a big fan of the scent, and for the price, I think you should love everything about it). I’m currently on the hunt for one that’s inexpensive and just as wonderful (will update if I find one, or recommend your favorite in the comments!).

5) Alba Botanica Deodorant

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This deodorant keeps me smelling fresh and fine throughout the day (if I’m having a really active day, I’ll reapply in the afternoon to make sure I stay FAD -fresh as a daisy) . It works. That’s all I can say.

6) Crystal Body Spray and Deodorant

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I usually layer this on top of the Alba Botanica Deodorant above. I don’t use this one alone because it’s not as good as the Alba Botanica at blocking odor, but I love how the Chamomile and Green Tea flavor smells. I also love their body spray in that particular scent.

7) Egyptian Magic

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This is a kind of thick balm, the texture and thickness of honey, that you can use as a salve for your face and body. I use it around my eyes before I go to sleep at night, I’ve used it on my hands when they are feeling dry, on any small cuts that I get, and on my lips when they are chapped. It only has six ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis. I got mine at Costco, they have a regular size and a travel size bundled together for about $39. It last for months, and I love it.

These are the products I have found that work for me. What about you? Are you wondering about the chemicals in the brands you currently use? You can go the the EWG website and type any product into their search bar and they will give you a safety rating.

Any suggestions? Have a product you love and can’t live without? Tell us about it in the comments.

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