You Have Another Chance

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You Have Another Chance-

Hello Dear Readers,

Just a quick note today to let you know that you have another chance to start all over again. The dreams that you have put aside, the hopes that you have given up on, that thing, whatever it may be, that you wish you could have done. You can do it now, today is our chance.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the man who wrote the passage above, was a Princeton dropout. He submitted stories to publishers multiple times only to have them rejected and told to “keep trying.” He took a job at an auto shop fixing car roofs in order to make money. His wife had dementia and spent her last years in a mental hospital.

When F. Scott Fitzgerald died in 1940, he had sold fewer than 25,000 copies of The Great Gatsby.

Today, 25 million copies have been sold worldwide and 500,000 copies are sold annually (source).

This is a hard life. No one is debating that. We have hard times. Happiness seems elusive. But, my friends, we have the mornings. The possibility of hope that the warmth of the sun brings. This light at the end of the darkest nights washes all of our fears and doubts in the glimmering chance of possibility.

You Have Another Chance -

Let’s do something together. Let’s each pick something that we would like to do, just one thing, one step that would bring us closer to one of our dreams. If you don’t have a dream; if the darkness of life has washed away any hope that you once had, then let this be the sun for you, dear friend. A new beginning. Think of what your new dream would be. Dream while you are awake today, and let the hope of what is possible wash over your soul.

You have another chance -

We can not change so many things about our lives, at least not instantaneously. But we can change our attitudes, our filters, how we look at what’s coming our way. Imagine the wealth of energy you would have if you let go of the boat you keep in the harbor of your negative emotions, that deepest pool of resentments that things didn’t work out differently. Imagine if you could use that energy to think of how you can accomplish one step toward your dream. You would hit it out of the park.

I was watching “Call the Midwife” the other day. It’s a good show; a little depressing at times. But anyway, I was watching it and one of the characters was in a difficult situation. I think the roof had leaked and destroyed all of the costumes and sets she had made for a play she was teaching to a group of children. Her husband tells her not to worry, she can handle it, she just doesn’t know what she is capable of. And she responds by saying that the problem is that she actually does know what she’s capable of doing.In other words she knows how much work is ahead of her, she knows she can fix the problem but, in that moment, she was discouraged.

My friends, I know you, too, are capable of doing so much, I believe in you. If this were Peter Pan and you were Tinkerbell, I would be clapping for you and saying “I Believe!”.

Pick something you can do today, and do it. I know you can.

Sending you love and hope, belief and faith.



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