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I was devouring the latest posts over on This is Glamorous the other day and I came across an absolutely amazing Weekend Playlist compilation. I actually ended up buying most of the songs on the list and have been playing them on a loop ever since. It’s so rare for me to like a roundup of new songs, so I thought I’d share them with you and add one of my own. Music is so personal, so if you don’t like any of the songs I’ll still love you.

First up is from Twin Shadow. It’s kind of a mix between a classic 80s rock ballad and a really heart wrenching 90s song that you would expect to hear on the soundtrack to Friends when Rachel and Ross are about to kiss. This is my favorite one, it makes me want to grab a hairbrush mic and air guitar my heart out.


Next up is a song I would imagine the cool kids are playing on their limited edition iPods that normal people don’t even know exist. It makes me feel like it would be fun to go to a music festival…kind of.


This is kind of an electric pop response to a breakup written by someone trying to act like they don’t care. It sounds weird but it works. (It probably means something totally different to the person that wrote it, I was never great at interpreting the meaning of poems in high school. When it says someone slept, that means they died? What?! Why wouldn’t they just say he died? I don’t get it. Anyway…) What do you think?


Last is an easy listening song, my mom would probably call it “smooth jazz”. I think it’s kind of electric music’s updated take on smooth listening.


What have you been playing lately? Hope you have a good weekend.



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