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Kitchen remodel before and after pictures are coming next week!

While I’m checking off the last few items, I wanted to share a trend that has caught my eye. The black and white color palette is such a classic and is used in literally every single design style. But recently, it seems to be sprouting up in almost every picture I’ve seen of global style interiors.

Pretty amazing, no? In many rooms, both the black and white colors seemed to be muted, the black more of a grey and the white more of a cream color.

Moroccan inspired rugs, like the one above are popping up all over the place. People just layer them over the rugs they currently have, like thisHere is a similar one if you’re interested.

Those plants on the coffee table are so beautiful. I think those are the kind that don’t have to be planted. They somehow get all their nutrients from the air. I also love that the gallery wall echoes the black and white theme and bridges the two (three?) rooms.

Black cupboards are softened with warm brass handles and a flat weave rug. The mixing of brass and the stainless steel of the stove is so amazing, and totally lends itself to the global theme. The wood counters, ugh, so warm. Love it.

This picture is from an opulent Moroccan palace. The tile work on the ground and columns!? So detailed. I don’t envy the person that had to do the measurements on that project. To see more fabulous, mind blowingly beautiful images of this Moroccan destination, visit Slim Paley’s blog.

Any black and white plans in the works for you?

Have a great weekend!



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