Living Room Revamp and Inspiration

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Remember back here when I talked about making over my boyfriend’s mom’s retirement condo? Well, unfortunately she passed away at the end of the summer. It was heartbreaking and happened very quickly…

As a result of that, most of the things we purchased for the makeover came back to our house. So right now we have some mismatched couches, Christmas decor still up, and a lot of beige/brown/cream going on.

The cream couch that was in her house is really not comfortable. I don’t think it was made to be a “lay down and watch tv on me” couch. More like a “sit on me while you drink tea, eat crustless cucumber sandwiches, and talk to your friends about how marvelously the horses are running today” kind of couch…

I really like the neutral color scheme that I have going on, but I’m ready for a change. Nothing crazy. Just something to wake things up in there.

Here are some pictures I’ve been gathering for inspiration.

This one is really my dream image. I L-O-V-E that the bright white of the walls, couches, and table are brought down to earth by tribal and geometric prints and the luxurious textures of the sisal carpet and animal skin chairs. Also, the mixture of traditional elements like the fireplace and chandelier with the clean lined couches and coffee table are pure perfection.

One idea about how I might pull off this look with less $$$:

Framing a scarf or a piece of fabric you already have looks so chic, and will help set the tone and color mood for the room. It’s inexpensive, and a good place to start, because I don’t have any earthy tribal print patterns or textures going on, and I want to make sure I like it before I go all in.

I don’t know about a large picture of a girl on the wall, but I think one thing is set, I need a white orchid in a brass pot. Oh, another thing, the color palette will be earth tones, oranges, rusts, emerald greens, and mixed metallics.

Just another picture of the feel I’m going for. I find it helps me to collect as many pictures as possible of the exact look and mood I want from the room. That way, when I’m in the midst of a crazy Home Goods shopping panic, I can just ask myself if the jellyfish paperweight I just put in my cart would fit in to one of the rooms in my pictures…(puuuuut iiiiiit baaaaack).

This room is really interesting. Again it has the mix of old traditional elements with extremely clean lined furniture, like the coffee table and the orange sofa. I adore the combination.

This one is just for the color palette, rich dark earth tones paired with neutrals.

I like so many different design styles that it’s taken me a while to settle on this combination. But I think the rich colors will be cozy and welcoming when we need that, but the clean lines will provide a little more of the more masculine edge.

Are you set to revamp any rooms this year? Any room been gnawing away at you to make a change? Let me know in the comments!



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