Kitchen Table Options and Decisions

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I need your help.

The last thing I need to get for the kitchen is a table. I’m pretty sure I want a round one, and it’s going to go in a little nook area, so it can’t be too big. Normally, I would hunt around consignment stores or stalk my favorite online shops until I found one I liked. But, I kind of want to just finish already.

So, these are the options that I have so far.

1) This Ikea Docksta Table

Round Kitchen table options


It’s not that much to look at by itself, but so many people have used this table in their kitchens and it looks amazing. Kristin from The Hunted Interior used it in her newly redone kitchen nook. I love how it looks.

2) The next option is from Wayfair and is much more traditional.

It looks pretty similar to the one is this house tour on The Everygirl.

3) And of course the one that I really want is way too expensive, but I keep trying to think of ways to get it (sell a kidney? get a side job? etc.)

So those are the options…

Which one do you like the best?



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