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So the entryway makeover has made me realize that I really need more storage. I’ve been purging for the past couple of weeks, and the bedrooms have closets, but that really doesn’t seem to do the job, if you know what I mean.

Maybe I’m getting into spring cleaning about 5 months late. 😉

I mean… these kinds DIYs aren’t really “easy”. But, I love how the finished products look, and this little landing on the staircase has been in major need of storage for quite a while now. Those are my bags of stuff getting ready to be purged, their last moment of glory while they are in my possession. I have plans for the crazy gold frame too…

Cluttered landing on stairs

Cluttered landing on stairs

I bought that little console from Goodwill years ago when I lived in my first appartment. I painted it (it used to be dark wood), but I never completed the makeover by adding hardware. And now, it’s not really my style, and it doesn’t really hold enough to be considered a good solution.

So, these are the things I’m thinking of DIYing.

By far my favorite choice is the “fauxdenza” as it’s been dubbed. It’s basically a floating console made of Ikea kitchen cabinets with some stained wood on top. A bunch of people have completed this project successfully, and lived to blog about it.

First up is from House Tweaking. Her “Handy Hubby” made this console for her and it looks fab.

Made by Girl hired someone to put it together for her. I love the hardware she used.

Chris Loves Julia also made a version of the fauxdenza that looks amazing.

Admittedly, this DIY is a tad on the involved side. The wood that attaches to the top of the cabinets needs to be stained using multiple coats. AND, you have to sand the wood down in between every coat. That doesn’t really sound like my idea of a good time. Why don’t they sell pre-stained wood? I would totally buy that.

If I think the sanding/staining is just too involved for me here are my back up options.

This skirted console/desk from Holly Mathis interiors is pretty. The skirt hides the utilitarian shelving (and clutter) behind it. I think I would just need to attach the shelves to the wall and then add a drapery rode underneath the lip of the top shelf. And of course I would need to sew a little fabric to put over the rod. I love how she styled it to be a little desk area.

Open shelving is another option. The problem with this, of course, is that it can tend to look messy if it’s not perfectly styled. This would involve buying boxes to hide the “non-pretty” items.

Simply Organized has a tutorial for Floating Shelves that you could use to create shelving like this, which I love.

Have you stumbled across any easy storage DIYs lately? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll check them out.


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